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College of Arts & Humanities

A message from the Dean:

On this Day of Giving, I hope you'll join me, along with alumni and friends of the College of Arts & Humanities, and make as generous a gift as you can to support the students in our college. Any money raised will be used help our students achieve their dreams and enhance their experience here at West Virginia State University. For example, money raised will go to help repair our campus television studio, so our students can continue to receive the tremendous experiential learning opportunities that elevate their education. 

Your gift will be used to create the same kind of transformative experience for the many talented young musicians, actresses, and writers studying in this place we love so dear. Thank you in advance for your caring gift and the powerful effect it will have on our students. The College of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to the ideals of a liberal arts education and serves as the intellectual core of the University, offering disciplinary study in five undergraduate departments: 

-Dr. Rob Wallace

Students can choose from undergraduate academic programs in:

  • Art
  • Communications
  • English 
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Music
  • Regents
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 

The college also offers a master's degree program in Media Studies

Decades Challenge
Compete with other alumni to see which decade raises the most money for WVSU Day of Giving!
What year did you graduate?
Rank Answer Amount
1 1980-1989 $65,394.83
2 1990-1999 $6,894.93
3 1970-1979 $6,300.00
4 2000-2009 $4,930.00
5 1960-1969 $3,219.00
6 2010-2019 $2,081.00
7 1950-1959 $1,750.00
8 2020-2024 $250.00
Academic College Leaderboard
Compete against the other academic colleges to see who can raise the most money for WVSU Day of Giving!
Rank Department Raised
1 College of Business & Social Sciences $3,720.00
2 College of Professional Studies $2,444.83
3 College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics $1,710.00
4 College of Arts & Humanities $550.00
Rank State Gifts
1 WV 4
2 MD 2
2 MI 2
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